Friday, December 27, 2013

December Celebration 2013

Our 6th Annual Celebration Dinner was another wonderful evening of Food and Wine.

Chef Tai Olesky, chef / owner of Mosaic Restaurant in Forestville that closed in 2009, agreed to cater this one time a year event.

We began the evening with a reception of all newly bottled unreleased wines. The 2012's are so exciting, the evening started with a great buzz that continued through each of the 5 course dinner.

The dinner is set up with all library wines, although Mat snuck in a new 2012 favorite for a perfect pairing.Wines being paired dated back to 2005 and included 2007 and 2010 Chardonnay from magnum.

The menu was a combination of 'must have's' from the Mosaic menu and some local winter specialties that included the infamous Dungeness crab and local mushrooms. Every setting had two wine pairings for each course. In between courses the discussion of which of the two wines went best with the food. Fortunately each one had a 50/50 response of favorites. It's always a joy to see a table of friends discussing which pairing stood out to them.

The evening ended with a standing ovation for the chef and a toast to the end of a great year and a cheer to the new year ahead.