Friday, May 22, 2015

May 3rd               Spring Wine Club party

Every Spring and Fall we celebrate with our Wine Club. This bi annual event gives our wine club members the opportunity to taste the wines that are in the club shipment and often not yet released to the public.

We created a menu to focus on the wines and highlight what means the most to us, perfect pairings.

Fresh shucked local oysters with a raspberry mignonette and 2014 Rose' of Pinot. The raspberry mignonette is the reason this works so well.

Mat's infamous tuna ceviche with our 1st bottling ever of 2014 Gewurztraminer. An outstanding success! We've been pairing this dish with our rose' and pinot's for years, which do very well. Although the newest addition to our portfolio stole the show as the food and wine pairing stardom.
Many people. me included, don't love this classic German varietal that comes in the tall thin bottle.
All I can say is "Mat is a god dam good winemaker to have changed many peoples perspective".
The truth is also that the Tuna Ceviche really stole the show and great wine pairings were truly noticed.

To pair the new unreleased 2013 Ruxton and Horseshoe Bend Vineyard pinot's, we needed to a have a food with oomph and our Grill. Thus Mat chose to grill pork butt with a multi spice dry rub. Simple yumminess with tightly wound youthful Pinot's, a  hit!

The joy of  watching Wine Club members that we might only see twice a year mixing and mingling, An opportunity to go back and forth to the current 2012 Pinot's in the tasting room to the unreleased 2013 Pinot's at the backyard party, not usually an option.

It gives us great pleasure to get feedback on the success of  our wines once they leave our tasting room. Members stash them away to enjoy on their own or share them as a special introduction to guests that are worthy. All in all, our fans help make us who we are, down to earth, husband and wife team, making wines people love to enjoy!