Friday, April 14, 2017


April Fools Day was on a Saturday this year. We decided to do a 'backwards' Dinner. Starting at the end and finishing at the beginning.  We were a little uncertain as the theme is very different from our normal. To our surprise, this Event Sold Out quickly.

We started with Dessert from Patisserie Angelica cheesecake and added many sides, as if it were a Cheese Plate. Served with two wines, 2013 Brut Rose' and 2013 Valdiguie.

 The Cheesecake was circled with options to add, Peach Habanero, Plum Chutney, Fig and Orange Spread, Marcona Almonds, Cured Lemon and Candied Walnuts. The idea was to enhance the cheesecake and taste the wine options. Cheesecake doesn't generally go with wine unless it's some type of Port or Dessert Wine. So the plan to influence the flavor to enable the wine to possibilities. The Brut Rose and our 2013 Valdiguie were the best wines options. Almost all liked the Sparkling with many of the enhancers and we had a like for the plum chutney with the Valdiguie. Might not try this one again.

Next up EntrĂ©e - Steak au poivre with local black trumpet mushrooms. We put two wines, Mat's pick and my pick.

 A 2009 TnT Pinot Noir and our 2014 Syrah. The group was divided 50/50 although everyone loved both of the wines. The pairing was even steven. I did like the 2009 TnT Pinot with the course which was Mat's wine pick.

Salad Course next - Classic Wedge Salad. We served three wines, Chardonnay, Rose' and Pinot

 The fourth course was the appetizer, Prawn Cocktail which was served with the 2014 Chardonnay and Brut Rose. The crowd was full and kind of overwhelmed by the backwards influence that they had not realized that eating your EntrĂ©e so early would leave little room.  I chose the Brut Rose and the 2016 Rose' of Pinot Noir equally.

The table did not look like this at the end of the evening but many April Fools jokes were discussed. It will be many years before we have this first of April fall on a Saturday to entice our Foodie fans to partake.
Next up, April 2nd.