Sunday, November 19, 2017

November 18th, 2017
                                            An Evening of Lobster

This idea was 100% Mat. He loves Lobster and I'm good with it. Thus a new dinner for PMV was upon us for a sold out crowd on an evening in November.

I picked the wines, set the table, serve and chat. Mat cooked and cooked and made us proud!

We started the evening with three wines in front of each guest, smell, taste, swirl. 2011 Chardonnay, 2014 Chardonnay and 2013 Bohemian Pinot.

Our first course, Lobster Bisque, a rich bowl of soup with a couple of fresh Lobster chunks. Our group of sixteen tasted the bisque with all three wines and the outcome was Chardonnay was the preferred varietal although divided between the 2011 and the 2014 Chardonnays. Although my preference was the Pinot. The richness of the bisque could handle it.

Next course was a Salad Roll.

This course had a unanimous wine pairing, Pinot Noir. There were a few fans of both of the chardonnays and mine was the 2011, coming from a cooler vintage the 2011 Chardonnay has beautiful acidity that has aged well. This course was enjoyed by all and the fact that each wine was picked by someone, it speaks versatility.

Next up, popcorn lobster, kinda like the more common popcorn shrimp. morsels of lobster deep fried.
This was served with deep fried avocado and 2 dipping sauces: siracha mayo and wasabi lime mayo.

More difficult to find the best pairing with so many combinations but we did...

Each wine took 33% winning. My favorite was the 2011 Chardonnay. With the siracha sauce the pinot did better and the wasabi sauce the Chardonnays did better.

Indulgence is getting more intense with the fourth course, butter poached lobster. Thomas Keller's recipe served with a slice of Nightengale baguette to soak up the butter. And easier to pick the winning wine, everyone voted for the richer of the two Chardonnays, 2014 Weeks Vineyard won hands down.

The final course, surf and turf, BBQ grilled lobster Tail, Filet with Bernaise Sauce.

We swapped things up a bit for this course, rather than two Chardonnays, we poured two Pinot's, The 2013 Bohemian continued from the beginning and we added in the 2012 Ruxton Pinot. This wine mostly because it has some age, earth and dark fruits, opposite of the Bohemian and I guessed it would do well. And yes it did win.

The last course was cleared and the group sighed in pleasure.

We encourage everyone to take notes about the pairings. After the crowd departed and the table was clear, we found these wonderful notes in black and white which left a great feeling of a successful night, Thank you all for coming out!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

 Harvest 2017

This has been a tough year and this growing season falls suit.

We experienced very warm temps in June and July and the expectation of another early harvest was commonly heard. And then August happened, cool, really cool until the last week. That last week of August we had temps in the high 90's. At this point if the fruit is close to picking ripeness, a scramble begins to schedule picking.




We did our first pick Friday Sept.1st, Ruxton Pinot arrived at the winery by 9am. With the majority of all our fruit coming in that first two weeks, a little spread out as the temps did drop and the ripeness levels were scattered. We ended up picking the final Pinot Vineyard October 11th.

The horrific fires in Napa and Sonoma started late evening Sunday Oct. 8th. The morning of the 9th, Sonoma county's landscape had been changed forever. Willi's Wine Bar was gone and even in the promise to rebuild, that spot will not be the same, ever. We experienced an influx of emails, calls, texts. It was an emotional and crazy time for all. Routine didn't exist and a daily concern of 'what's next' did.

A heartwarming moment in West County was the discovery of the fire crews resting spot. 200+ firemen and 60+ firetrucks rested on a property between our tasting room and our home. A sense of safety was in sight.
As we tried to maintain a balance of life, our tasting room was open. We did not miss a day of visitors. Although that first week, the majority of visitors were friends and club members that had been evacuated or lost their homes. All the conversation was extreme, tears, hugs and a little laughter which felt odd and wonderful at the same time.


A lot of wine was consumed. Every story shared. A time to console.

Thus Harvest in West County was over with a bang.

Our Fall Wine Club season was upon us and the thought of going forward was daunting. We then decided to host a ' Spirit lifting celebration' and had a silent auction to raise money for Fire Releif Funds.
We raised almost $2500. in that one evening, gave our valued people a chance to come together and break bread.
Fundraising is every where and support is the new norm.

This will be a Harvest and a Fall in Sonoma County we will never forget.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Magical Mystery Tour                August 19th

The Wine Road Magical Mystery Tour had it's first trip in early 2016 with huge success. We agreed to sign up in August 2017 for the Russian River tour.

As a small producer, 20 people is a lot for us to entertain during regular business hours. So we agreed to host the group if we could be the 1st stop, 10 a.m. on Saturday morning. The group gets on a small luxury tour bus with a full day of four unknown stops, all serving 4 wines and special treats.

We decided to do a 'Breakfast of Champions' starting with our Brut Rose' paired with deviled egg and caviar on brioche. At 10:00 a.m., breakfast is essential.

2014 Chardonnay is a beautiful balance of fruit, acidity and oak which does well with salmon. Second bite of the breakfast, a smoked salmon frittata from Bia Cafe.
A great pairing of richness and textures.

Next up - mini bacon scones from our neighborhood Bia Cafe' to pair with RRV Pinot.  Pinot with breakfast needs some bacon. These mini scones were a perfect bite and the Pinot cut through the buttery component well.


 One of our favorite special occasion brunch items, we often have Christmas or New Years Day, Dirty Rice with poached eggs. This was a great ending with our 2015 Cab Franc. The wine is not too heavy as it is unoaked with a fresh fruit profile. The Spicy dish was perfect too complete of breakfast of champions


 I believe we started this group off right for their tour of the Russian River Valley. A little Brut Rose', Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cab Franc. Good food in their belly and a buzz in their foot step.

July 29, 2017

Dress For A Cure Auction Dinner

As a conversation build up for our May Fundraiser at the Tasting Room, we had the two big ticket items for the Auction on display. This was intended to draw early bidders and interest, which it did. The winning bids had been sussing them out for the weeks leading up to the bidding event.

#1, A Restoration Hardware Dining Room Table with an extension, would seat up to twelve. #2, A PMV Winemaker Dinner for 6 prepared by Mat Gustafson and served by Sommelier Barb Gustafson.

The table was picked up in June by it's new owner and the Dinner was scheduled for our only available Saturday in July, the 29th.

The Hosts of the Dinner chose to celebrate a recent Wedding, Birthday and Anniversary with a group of friends at their home in Occidental. The menu requested was favorite dishes of Paul Mathew Vineyards and pairings. Thus a plan was set.

Our 2013 Brut Rose' with Tomato Bruschetta started the evening. Using our favorite Nightengale Baguette crostini and local heirloom tomatoes with fresh basil. When tomato season starts, we take advantage. A scrumptious start and Sparkling wine is a perfect way to toast to life.

 2016 Gewurztraminer paired with Mat's favorite Tuna Ceviche recipe with crispy won tons.
Tuna is combined with avocado, ginger, wasabi, tomato, never seizes to impress people.

 Liberty Duck Confit with Black Trumpet Risotto paired with 2010 TNT Vineyard Pinot magnum.
     Black trumpets from the past winter foraging season are such a great pairing with Pinot.

             Fabino Baking offered an incredible orange chiffon cake that completed the evening!


A great evening that reflected back to the reason we were all in attendance and how we all must continue to do what we can to help the less fortunate. Make our world a little less troubled and celebrate each day with what makes us feel good. Surrounding ourselves with good people and great food and wine.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

July 8, 2017

An evening of Indian Flavors

We have discussed doing this dinner for at least four years. Our inspiration began with Lopa and Sangeeta and then we met Babita. All three of these women cook their mother foods and each has a slightly different style in life, attire, age and wisdom to bring to the table.

On this long awaited and sold out evening, Babita prepared all vegetarian dishes and Lopa made a Goat Curry.

We love the flavors of Indian Cuisine and love pairing our wines. We did a trial tasting with Babita's dishes and four Paul Mathew wines: 2016 Rose' of Pinot, 2016 Gewurztraminer, 2013 RRV Pinot and 2012 Ruxton Vineyard Pinot. All wines paired supberly with the dishes. Next up, time to share this with our Wine Club Family.

Both of these books also inspired our evening. Food for the Gods was done by Lopa and her husband.

 The first sampling of Babita's food with our friend Naveed's help.

 Three chutneys to enhance the dishes: Tomato, cilantro / mint and tamarind, my favorite!
 Mat prepared a recently tested recipe for Artichoke Fritters that we loved and decided to start our Indian celebration with, plus a slight change. Mat added a little Cayenne and we call them Pakoras
 I love setting the table. Orange menu's and a combination of four napkin colors  brighten our         redwood tables and the Dining Room.

The menu wording does not do this dinner justice
Spicy Potatoes
Egglant Curry
Lentil with Palao
Goat curry
We discussed the wine pairings with each of the main dishes and found that everyone agreed that all of the wines went well with each of the dishes. Everyone had favorites that was evenly distributed between each of the Rose', Gewurz and pinot. Gewurz was definitely the love but our 2016 Rose' worked so well and equally Pinot. It comes down to what you want to drink.
I'll take all four

Saturday, May 27, 2017

One week in May                                                May 18, 2017

A Cab Franc Wine Dinner at Harvest Moon Cafe

A few montths ago when I was tasting with Glenda, the Somm at Harvest Moon, we were talking ' Cab Franc '. We were discussing what a great varietal it is and the foods that pair with it. Glenda was in the midst of organizing one of the few Wine Dinners Harvest Moon CafĂ© does. This one is all Cab Franc...

Here it is, four courses and five Cab Franc's. 2 Cali wines and 3 French, 2 Chinon and a Cremant. How fun is that!

First up endive filled with seafood / scallop sauce. My favorite dish and paired with the Cab Franc Cremant, very nice. On a warmer than usual late Spring evening, this was perfect!

Our 2015 Cab Franc next paired with charred octopus, loved this pairing. Seaside Metal Restaurant in Guerneville has a charred octopus on the menu that we have loved for years. They will recommend  it paired with our Cab Franc. The char is definitely a good part of the pairing
Two Chinon's were paired next with a roast venison dish, Mat enjoyed this dish. The Chinon's were great both from 2015 vintage. My photo did not do this dish justice.

Next was Lang and Reed Cab Franc from 2013 paired with lamb and potato moussaka. I love our Cab Franc with my moussaka. Both the wine and the food were very different styles from ours, all good. But, I prefer mine and ours.

Our Spring Club Party, all about the summer whites and a couple great Pinot's.

              2016 Rose' of Pinot and 2016 Gewurztraminer  / 2014 TNT Vineyard and 2015 RRV Pinot

Our Oyster guy, hogwash mignonette and Rose' of Pinot. When we only make 65 cases of Rose', it goes only to Wine Club. On a hot day in May it is perfect.
When we pour our Gewurz, people get it, especially when it's paired with Mat's tune ceviche recipe ( on our web site ). This is what I call a perfect pairing. Yum.

The 2 Pinot's for Spring Wine Club are both young, tasting incredible and really fun to pair with this Charles Phan recipe. Fun wines, fun food. The 2015 RRV Pinot is just the beginning of our tiny 2015 vintage production. it was so popular and with only 125 cases, not sure how many non wine club people will even try it.

Visiting Ruxton Vineyard

Around 6:30 am as the sun is rising, A pink reflection off the fog bank. Checking out the just finished flowering vineyard.

                                             A little later in the morning, fog still around
The flowering is mostly done in this vineyard, our warmest site being above the fog on a typical day. Now the grape clusters will begin to form.

With May almost behind us and a large array of events, we look forward to SUP, kayaking and golf.
A little break and a chance to breath, smell the flowers and sip on summer wines.