Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 7th, 2014

Slider Party

We were invited to a friendly slider party competition. The invitation read that almost anything was game as long as there was 2 outsides and an inside. A wine pairing with the dish was part of the rules.

Mat set off to try several ideas. Starting with a long list of 10 different protein ideas, we crossed off 50% for several reasons and began sampling ideas. We tried an Oyster poor boy, roast duck with cherry sauce, a chicken wing slider and a filet with cambazola, which is what we ended up doing.

The night was to be organized by the group in terms of 1st course and following by intensity. We offered ours to be last except for dessert which there was one.

The day of the last couple to arrive blew us all away, knowing they'd present 1st, they came complete, plated, trayed, cold sparkling and beautiful. WOW, what a start!

Scallop Slider with cold slaw paired with Brut Rose'

The 2nd team started prepping and grilling moments after we all bounced back by the bar set from the team one.

Salmon with fruit salad and another sparkling was served. The pairing was spectacular and the champagne alone was wonderful, who needs food? Well, it was another great pairing.

We were off to such an impressive start the conversation was lost on the intensity of the competition.

Up next was our team of gracious hosts. Seared tuna with a ginger wasabi slaw paired with Pinot.
We had moved inside at this point and the sky had turned to dusk. The plates were placed, wine was poured and the lights became dim.
The coolest thing about each transition of course, the wine pairing appropriately grew. We all love Pinot Noir and this pairing worked so great with wasabi and ginger going head to head with the Pinot. It worked!

With bellies getting full, Mat stepped up to the grill with his onions carmelized, filet grilled and the Nightengale bread ready to plate. Main course is served with Paul Mathew Cab Franc. I must say after three seafood courses the filet was a welcome change. Intense and worthy.

Our final team, not as foodie centric as the rest of the group, did the finale justice! Right from the current Sunset Magazine pages, a vanilla ice cream sandwich with fresh blueberries and plated to perfection. Served with late harvest Sauvignon Blanc and class!

 Team 5 did make a wonderful finish to a spectacular evening of friendly competition. It was decided that everyone was a winner and we all were worthy of an award which the host so graciously gave.

My personal opinion was the same although, I do offer my personal awards:
Team 1 - best presentation
Team 2 - best side
Team 3 - best pairing
Team 4 - best slider
Team 5 - best service

And voila, are you jealous? Hire us to entertain you!
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