Monday, July 27, 2015

JULY 2015         Oyster Heaven

After a brief break from our Foodie Seminars, we came back with a favorite focus, Oysters.

Oyster lovers get a special line up of prepared oysters, starting with fresh shucked on the half shell with raspberry mignonette. Three wines lined up: our unreleased 2013 Brut Rose got a sneak preview as this is a classic pairing. We also had 2014 Rose' of Pinot and 2014 Gewurztraminer.

Our 2014 Gewurztraminer is bone dry, the newest wine added to our line up. We first show cased this wine in Spring at our Wine Club party and officially started pouring in the Tasting Room in June.
We constantly have people not interested and with a little explanation they agree to taste, next thing they purchase a bottle or two or more. This is a special "Gewurz", coming from a 40 year old vineyard, stainless steel fermented and truly a great expression of this grape. Lychee nut, Jasmine, honey with minerality. We are changing peoples opinion of this grape daily, including mine!

  This was fun to taste but the winning vote went to the Brut Rose', hands down.

Second oyster of the night was smoked oysters, yippee! I grew up with these delicious morsels direct from the can. A special treat during the Holiday season, a can placed in each of our stockings so we didn't have to share.
Mat never really appreciating my affinity for smoked oysters, " yuck, keep those away from me" he'd say when I rarely open a can any more. But he did find a recipe to prepare these for our oyster pleasure this evening. And they were splendid, agreed by all even Mat. As for the was a 50/50 tie between Gewurz & Valdiguie.

Third course, Oyster Stew with the line up of 3 wines, Rose' of Pinot, Gewurz, Valdiguie.
Chardonnay would have been another option but we do like to keep new pairings and the less expected option available and this was one. Gewurz won 1st place. The stew had fennel and mirepoix with heavy cream, garlic, spices and topped with croutons.

Next on the menu was Oyster Rockafeller. Pancetta, spinach, pernod, tarragon, bread crumbs, garlic, shallot, green onion done on the grill. We decided to remove the Gewurz from the wine option and add Pinot noir and of course this was a crowd pleaser. Although the Valdiguie took this course as best pairing.

Next up, BBQ oysters, one of my favorite. The BBQ compliments the oyster so well and goes great with wine and the oyster flavor maintains. I do love our Valdiguie with this preparation and the group voted 50 / 50 down the middle of the table, the left side picked the Valdiguie while the right side picked Pinot

For the finale, Mat was out back frying the last 50 oysters of the night. While we patiently awaited the last course, we were entertained by one of our guest, Thank you Tim!
The line up of 4 wines offered were Rose' of Pinot, Gewurz, Valdiguie and Pinot Noir.
The plate was served with an arugula Caesar and a sirachi mayo. Throwing in some additional flavors although the flavor of the fried oyster really stands above everything and enjoyed with all the wines but, #1 was Pinot Noir.

An evening of oysters, wine and friends... what could possibly disappoint, nothing!
We'd repeat this all tomorrow if it wasn't so much work.