Thursday, July 13, 2017

July 8, 2017

An evening of Indian Flavors

We have discussed doing this dinner for at least four years. Our inspiration began with Lopa and Sangeeta and then we met Babita. All three of these women cook their mother foods and each has a slightly different style in life, attire, age and wisdom to bring to the table.

On this long awaited and sold out evening, Babita prepared all vegetarian dishes and Lopa made a Goat Curry.

We love the flavors of Indian Cuisine and love pairing our wines. We did a trial tasting with Babita's dishes and four Paul Mathew wines: 2016 Rose' of Pinot, 2016 Gewurztraminer, 2013 RRV Pinot and 2012 Ruxton Vineyard Pinot. All wines paired supberly with the dishes. Next up, time to share this with our Wine Club Family.

Both of these books also inspired our evening. Food for the Gods was done by Lopa and her husband.

 The first sampling of Babita's food with our friend Naveed's help.

 Three chutneys to enhance the dishes: Tomato, cilantro / mint and tamarind, my favorite!
 Mat prepared a recently tested recipe for Artichoke Fritters that we loved and decided to start our Indian celebration with, plus a slight change. Mat added a little Cayenne and we call them Pakoras
 I love setting the table. Orange menu's and a combination of four napkin colors  brighten our         redwood tables and the Dining Room.

The menu wording does not do this dinner justice
Spicy Potatoes
Egglant Curry
Lentil with Palao
Goat curry
We discussed the wine pairings with each of the main dishes and found that everyone agreed that all of the wines went well with each of the dishes. Everyone had favorites that was evenly distributed between each of the Rose', Gewurz and pinot. Gewurz was definitely the love but our 2016 Rose' worked so well and equally Pinot. It comes down to what you want to drink.
I'll take all four