Saturday, February 27, 2016

36 Hours in San Diego

A special invitation for Paul Mathew to present our wines and speak at the CMAA Conference in San Diego, why yes, That sounds wonderful.

Leaving from Santa Rosa airport is a great luxury, we left home at 9a.m. and we're in our Hotel at noon. Travel doesn't get much better than that.

First off lunch. An easy board walk stroll for a little ceviche with a unique addition of peanuts and a great presentation.

The CMAA evening begins with hors d'oeuvres on the 34th floor over looking San Diego's sky line.
Pork belly on a fork

 We sat down to 8 whites for the first two courses, Cured Salmon with Sauv Blanc and Vermentino

Poached Halibut paired with four Chardonnays including the PMV 2013 Weeks Vineyard.
Moving on to the next flight of four Pinot Noirs, 2 from 2012 and two from 2013 all from Sonoma County, paired with pork loin wrapped in prosciutto.

Main course of braised short ribs with 4 bolder reds that included Cabernets and syrah.
 Our gracious host Terry Anglin with our favorite Wine Country neighbor Joy Sterling.

Next day recovering by the pool and awaiting our favorite happy hour in the state at Nobu.

Spicy Tuna with crispy rice.
 Steamed Mussels with bacon miso 
 Yellowtail with Aji Amarillo sauce
 The signature blackcod lettuce wrap
 Shishito peppers stuffed with Wagyu beef tempera and a mustard sauce
Time for the Urban Crave Bahn Mi. And we're off. Thank you San Diego.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

 2016 Mushroom Foray

This annual event is a big hit. Hiking on a beautiful February day in the woods with a warm lodge awaiting your return with a hearty lunch crackling fireplace and Paul Mathew wines. Nobodies complaining.

Another year of strange weather brought us a strange foraging season. We found a few porcini's in the Fall and then nothing for more than a month. We started seeing small amounts of hedgehogs and chanterelles and then finally some black trumpets. But between little rain all 2015 and serious cold in December, when the rain finally came it was not absorbing into the hard ground.

We still managed to have a great day for our foray. With a full group of 40 eager attendees.

Everyone comes back at their leisure to enjoy the warmth and the wine along with great company.

Once we have every one accounted for ( no search party needed ) David Campbell, mycology specialist and guide, gives a thorough explanation of the findings laid out on the table.

 We like these, black trumpets.
 And these hedgehogs.
 Now it's time for lunch.
 The pastry
 The filling
 Mushroom and Liberty Farms roast Duck Pot Pie.
A lot of love in the room: for mushrooms, wine, good company and most definitely our wonderful co  host Rich Mitchell.

Where would we be without you in our lives. Happy February