Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 7th, 2015  My Dinner with Ruth Reichl

As a huge self proclaimed foodie and wine fanatic, meeting Ruth Reichl was high on my list.
In fact 1 out of 2 female mentors, I've now met the second.

I was first introduced to Ruth via Tender to the bone in 2002 by a colleague and that was it. The first book took mere hours to complete the first time. I waited on any news of something to follow. A few years past and 6 books later, multiple Gourmet Editorials and here we are. I'm having dinner with her.

What an event, probably 100 other fans, but when she spoke it was just her and I. An eloquent and humble speaker with words of experience from the heart. A lot of her life was shared in her books so I feel like I know her. Questions about her son and husband's arose from the audience, none of it excluded. Her honesty of words blanketed the audience and the flavors filled our Foodie souls.

We sat down to a treasure trough menu, all recipes from her newest book: what happens after Gourmet Magazine. She was the editor for ten years when the end was announced. And she turned to food and then turned it into a FABULOUS book. The recipes that warmed her home and heart

The three course set menu gave the page # of each recipe so you could read along while enjoying the flavors.

                                                  Butternut Squash Soup pg. 32
                                                 Broccoli Rabe Bruschetta pg.66
                                           Hummus with toasted pine nuts pg. 220

                                                 Spicy Kale  pg. 16
                                     Buttermilk Mash Potatoes pg. 15
                                     Cider-braised Pork Shoulder pg. 14
                                       Jonathan Apple Sauce pg. 90

                                       The Cake that cures Everything  pg. 63

It was so delicious and worth every bite!
The evening was a glowing success for me. Savoring every bite and every word she spoke. An amazing lady that has put her heart and soul into her career. I love it. I'll cherish this opportunity for weeks and keep the memory alive with the book.
Highly recommend this book purchase for any foodie fan in your life. Maybe you'll get a meal and an explanation of the chosen menu in return, we all have our favorites. Dotties Spinach will be one of my sides and there will be many meals inspired from Ruth's year.

Can't wait to meet her in New York for lunch!