Monday, August 21, 2017

July 29, 2017

Dress For A Cure Auction Dinner

As a conversation build up for our May Fundraiser at the Tasting Room, we had the two big ticket items for the Auction on display. This was intended to draw early bidders and interest, which it did. The winning bids had been sussing them out for the weeks leading up to the bidding event.

#1, A Restoration Hardware Dining Room Table with an extension, would seat up to twelve. #2, A PMV Winemaker Dinner for 6 prepared by Mat Gustafson and served by Sommelier Barb Gustafson.

The table was picked up in June by it's new owner and the Dinner was scheduled for our only available Saturday in July, the 29th.

The Hosts of the Dinner chose to celebrate a recent Wedding, Birthday and Anniversary with a group of friends at their home in Occidental. The menu requested was favorite dishes of Paul Mathew Vineyards and pairings. Thus a plan was set.

Our 2013 Brut Rose' with Tomato Bruschetta started the evening. Using our favorite Nightengale Baguette crostini and local heirloom tomatoes with fresh basil. When tomato season starts, we take advantage. A scrumptious start and Sparkling wine is a perfect way to toast to life.

 2016 Gewurztraminer paired with Mat's favorite Tuna Ceviche recipe with crispy won tons.
Tuna is combined with avocado, ginger, wasabi, tomato, never seizes to impress people.

 Liberty Duck Confit with Black Trumpet Risotto paired with 2010 TNT Vineyard Pinot magnum.
     Black trumpets from the past winter foraging season are such a great pairing with Pinot.

             Fabino Baking offered an incredible orange chiffon cake that completed the evening!


A great evening that reflected back to the reason we were all in attendance and how we all must continue to do what we can to help the less fortunate. Make our world a little less troubled and celebrate each day with what makes us feel good. Surrounding ourselves with good people and great food and wine.

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