Saturday, February 10, 2018

February 8th, 2018

                       New Year, Motivational Evening with an Executive & Career Coach

This evening was under discussion for months, all it took was three ladies visiting the Tasting Room to make it happen.

On a quiet Sunday in late January, three women visited the Tasting Room on their way home from  an Annual New Year Motivational weekend in Bodega. They tasted and talked about the wonderful weekend they had, showing me pictures of their Vision Boards. The inspiration was instant.

The next day I contacted Marianne Wilman, a friend and Career Coach. We discussed the idea that had been mulled about for years between the two of us. And now we were set - we booked the date within a few minutes and the invitation went out. Within an hour we had attendees.
We were on the right track.

The evening began for 10 women excited to see their 2018 vision on paper. A little group ice breaker and a little wine before we sat at the 12 x 6 foot table in our dining room, barely enough room for all of us. Spreading out papers, scissors, glue, pens and magazines, LOTS of magazines.
The first hour turned fairly quiet as everyone concentrated on their personal vision. A lot of sharing took place of what some were looking for, dollar bills, bicycles, beaches and tigers. Just some of the chatter.
Slowly as people were completing their project, Marianne took the reins to go into a debriefing, reflecting and moving us into action towards our new vision.
Each of us showed and shared what had transpired from a blank canvas.




A great night, highly recommend. I believe we all came together with less of a plan of 2018 and walked away with more inspiration and a sense of community.
This will happen again
If you'd like to book your own group with Marianne and our space. Contact Paul Mathew Vineyards.

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